You will have three different kinds of assignments in this class:

1. Daily assignments (45%)

We will have 2-4 papers assigned for most of our classes (2,3,4,5,7,9,10).  You are responsible for the content of these paper.  Please come to class prepared to engage in an informed discussion of them.

In addition, please turn in 5 or more discussion questions for the topic.  These are questions, informed by the readings, that you think would be interesting and valuable for the class to discuss.  You should be prepared to lead a discussion on these questions.  Discussion questions must be handed in by 11 AM of the day for which the readings are assigned. That will give me some time to read them before class, and choose questions for discussion.

In addition, there are many papers listed under “Additional Resources” for each topic.  Pick one that looks interesting.  Write a paragraph that summarized the most important points that the class should know about this paper.  This is also due at 11 AM on the day for which the topic is assigned. I will ask several students to tell the class what was interesting in the paper.

Grades: A >=6 < B >=4 < C >=2.

2. Case analyses (45%)

We will analyze three cases for this course.  We will spend one session on each.  You will turn in a brief (2-3 pages, 12 point font, 1 inch margins) analysis of each case.  See the instructions here. These analyses are due 11 AM the day we will discuss the case.

Grades: A >= 12 < B >=10 < C >=8.

3. Class participation (10%)

Informed participation is very important for this class.  Informed participation is not just speaking up, but speaking up thoughtfully, showing awareness of the readings, and bringing your own thoughts and experiences to the discussion.


Each assignment will be given a grade of A, B, or C.

A grade of C indicates that you did not complete all of the requirements of the assignment to an acceptable level of quality.

A grade of B indicates that you did complete all parts of the assignment to an acceptable level of quality.

A grade of A indicates that you distinguished yourself by going well beyond the minimum requirements to hand in work that is truly exceptional, and/or goes beyond what was required.